It is no longer enough to just employ traditional Public Relations strategies to get people to try your product, visit your store or like your brand.

Today, Public Relations comes down to trust and you do not gain that with carefully crafted press releases and TV interviews alone. Brand trust is built the way we all build trust: through relationships.

One of the best ways to build trust and engage your potential clients is with blogs. Why do I call it essential? Because if you are not already properly engaging your potential customers with blogs and regular content, your competition is.

Here are 5 reasons why it is essential to include blogs in your overall Public Relations strategy.

1. Why blogs?

Blogs are the single best, most immediate and least expensive way to produce continuous content on the web. You engage your audience by providing information that they already want to know about your industry. Through this regular engagement, you build your authority on the web and you are building relationships.

2. New PR Opportunity

Blogs are not a traditional Public Relations tool. This is exactly why blogs can be your secret weapon for audience engagement. That cooking segment you did on television or the consumer or industry topic that you just responded to in your press release are prime topics for blogs. Chances are, if it is worth broadcasting or creating a press release for, it is information that others want to know too. By offering that information in a blog, it comes from you and it is an opportunity to personally engage potential customers with your brand.

3. Direct engagement

What if you could gather a room full of ideal customers who are already interested in your type of product, and answer all of their questions? That one-on-one interaction would build trust, it would provide information that customers already wanted to know and it would position you as an authority in your industry. Blogs give you an opportunity to do just that – reach a captive audience that is already searching for the kind of information you have. Direct engagement through blogs allows you to solve a problem, answer common questions and provide information to the people searching for it.

4. More measurable return on investment (ROI)

With so many ways to divide your Public Relations budget, blogs provide you a specific way to measure your results. You can see how many people are visiting your website—reading the blogs and engaging. Those are actual ROI numbers that you can measure versus other PR activities.

5. Most bang for your buck

Blogs provide one of the biggest bangs for your buck because you own the content, and it is sharable. So, once it’s published, that content is indexed for searches and will continue to generate reads, and leads long after the publish date.

When you add blogs as a regular part of your Public Relations strategy, you are tapping into a new avenue to distribute your information and expertise.

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