When it comes to creating great content, the only question you need to ask is, “who cares?” Your purpose for creating any form of content in the first place is engagement, and people will only become engaged if the content matters to them.

How do you do this? Focus on the “take away.” Once you identify what the reader should walk away knowing or understanding, you can create relevant information for your intended audience. You get to the heart of that take-away when you ask, “Why does the reader care? Why should they care?” It is your job to make them care through your words. When you make that happen, your audience rewards you by become engaged.

Whether the product is an article, web page, social media post, video script or any other form of content, if you can answer ‘who cares?’ when it is finished, you have content someone will want to consume.

For example: even the “About Us” page on your website has to be relevant to your reader. It is never “About Us” – but always about the customer. I often work with clients to revise this page on their websites. No one clicks the “About Us” tab to read six paragraphs about your background out of curiosity – the visitors to your website are only there to solve a problem. Your content should reflect what it is “about you” that can help them. This perspective is important for every piece of content that you publish.

I use this barometer myself. In fact, I have tossed out content in the past, because I could not answer, “who cares?” in the end. There is no point publishing content that is not relevant from the start.

Your “take away” is this: The purpose of EVERY piece of content you produce is for audience engagement. When you start with your audience in mind, you can deliver information they are eager to consume.