5 Reasons Blogs are Essential to Your Public Relations Strategy

It is no longer enough to just employ traditional Public Relations strategies to get people to try your product, visit your store or like your brand.

Today, Public Relations comes down to trust and you do not…read more

Content vs. Compelling Content

You’ve been told that you need to produce content to distribute on the web and you likely know that creating a content marketing strategy is an essential part of your overall marketing initiatives. But, if you are new to the flooding world of disseminating information online, it is important…read more


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  • When our top tier video projects call for the best of the best, we’ve always made Anietra our first call for scripting. Her extensive background in television and immense writing chops make her the perfect choice.

    From initial client and creative meetings to script development to revisions, to on-set consultation and final product, Anietra is a huge asset to our production efforts.
    She’s a pleasure to work with throughout the production process. Clients love the clarity and sensibility she brings to the table on every job.
    It doesn’t get much better than Anietra.

  • When Anietra met with our team, we knew she would produce the caliber of writing we needed. Since then, she has helped us develop a consistent brand message – one that reflects our company’s personality as well as our industry knowledge that resonates throughout our website. The writing she has accomplished for us is not only good copy, it tells our story in a way that reaches out target audience in a personal way.
    It makes them feel connected to what we do and inspires them to contact us and explore the many possibilities we can provide them. This is the type of content that differentiates us from our competitors and allows for our business to grow.
    Anietra’s collaboration with us continues to succeed. We’ve recently worked together on an extensive testimonial video. She helped us develop several scripts that would allow us to feature and promote invaluable comments from our actual customers. The scope of this project included video segments for our Parade of Homes show, features for our You Tube Channel, and a variety of other transitions that will be utilized for future projects. Anietra’s professionalism and expertise made this project turn out amazingly well and we’re proud to tell our story with the incredible segments she helped us create.
    Anietra is a well-respected business partner with us here at Rockford Homes. She is thorough, understands our goals, and is an excellent communicator and writer. She is also willing to invest the hours needed to a great job for us and she actually does what she says she’ll do. Anietra has been a tremendous asset for Rockford Homes and I’m confident she would be a great addition to your team and I would highly recommend her to you.

  • Anietra is a solid journalist, excellent writer and thought-provoking storyteller. Her versatile skill set is reflected in her profession as a writer, storyteller and multi-media strategist. She is customer focused and approaches every initiative with great enthusiasm and commitment.

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