Consulting Consulting Services are perfect for companies who like their website, branding or public presence but just need to refine it. Need to spruce up your web content? Improve media relations? Implement a Crisis Management strategy? Improve executive speaking skills? Tap into the’s knowledge base to take your public presence to the next level.

  3 ways to find out if your public relations money is being wasted

Content Marketing

How well is your content marketing working for you? If your website, blogs, verbal rhetoric, press releases or videos are not effective, we help you find out why. Our Content Marketing Consulting services help you refine your content by highlight your strengths, uncovering room for improvement and providing tangible ‘how to’ next steps.

  • Website content
  • Blog Consulting
  • PR Consulting
  • Video Production

Strategic Communications

Theoretically, ALL communication is strategic. Your motives, expectations and results are defined by what you say and how you say it. has expert insight into effective strategic communication.

  • Image Enhancement
  • Compaign Strategy
  • Brand Messaging
  • Media Relations

Crisis Management

You spend years building your company’s reputation and it just takes one negative situation to destroy it. Whether it is your own mistake (think Exxon and Enron), or a social / political topic that draws you into the fire (like restaurants responding to “pink slime” or Chick-fil-A taking a public stand on gay marriage), when crisis happens, it happens fast!

When the heat is on, companies oftentimes make impulsive missteps causing corporate embarrassment to spiral and sometime cause a company’s demise. Let prepare you by:

  • Developing a proactive plan of action ‘just in case.’ Preparation of your executives is essential in dealing with the media and minimizing the negative effects of the crisis.
  • Train your team how to generate organized, strategic, timely responses.
  • Teach you how to manage your message by knowing what to say and what not to say to the media.
  • Arming you with tools to manage the crisis internally.
  • Managing your negative mentions on the web and in social media.

No one knows better than Anietra Hamper, who spent decades as an investigative reporter, how to carefully navigate a corporate crisis. When your reputation is on the line, everything matters.

Speech Coaching

Public speakers aren’t born, they’re made. Compelling and memorable speakers are only compelling and memorable because of how they speak and not necessarily because of what they say. Your body language, tone of voice, articulation, delivery timing, inflection and bad habits that you aren’t even aware of all impact your message. Anietra Hamper provides expert-level speech coaching to improve your speaking confidence and the power of your message by targeting:

  • Presentation – tone, voice, articulation, eye contact, body language
  • Delivery – making your message believable
  • Nerves – Coaching techniques to handle them
  • Distracting speech habits and providing tools to correct them

Need help with speech content? Anietra Hamper is an award winning speech writer and can help you craft an effective Keynote, Political, Informative or Persuasive speech with a focused message.


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