You’ve been told that you need to produce content to distribute on the web and you likely know that creating a content marketing strategy is an essential part of your overall marketing initiatives. But, if you are new to the flooding world of disseminating information online, it is important to understand the difference between content and compelling content. Think of it as the subconscious filter of savvy consumers who know what they want and have mastered their way through the mindless clutter as they seek valuable, relevant and interesting information.

Think about the last time you shared an article that you read online. Did you share it? If so, why? Chances are it impacted your life, solved a problem, helped you with a decision or told you something you didn’t know. It “compelled” you to share that information with someone else who might find it useful.

Compelling Content is relevant, problem-solving, credible, substantive and addresses the needs and desires of your target audience.

It used to be that just having the right keywords carefully placed in content was enough to matter to the search engines. Not anymore. The content has to actually be good enough to attract links organically as well which means appealing more to human element.

Compelling content makes the human and robot interest meters work in tandem. It drives the emotional reaction of readers who share your links, which in turn provides fuel for the search engines to come back and find you.

It is important when creating compelling content to think of yourself as a publisher, not just someone needing to write a quick article. Think about the most common questions, concerns or complaints that you get from your clients…start there…and let those topics guide you to provide quality information to their solve problems and distribute information that they will grow to trust from you.